Welcome to WEATS - the WattCarbon Energy Attribute Tracking System

This is the homepage for the current versions of the methodologies that allow WattCarbon to create EACs for clean energy resources. Each methodology is contained in a separate folder and each folder is versioned, so that if a methodology is updated, the new version will appear in the folder, but older versions will be preserved. Each EAC created on the WattCarbon platform will reference a particular version of a methodology so that the calculations required to determine energy and carbon values are made transparent.

The methodologies in each folder are reviewed by members of the OpenEAC Alliance, a volunteer organization comprised of individuals and organizations with experience developing measurement and verification techniques. Each methodology may be reviewed by one or more members of the OpenEAC Alliance and each change to a methodology will require notification of all reviewers. All comments and suggestions for updates will be recorded within the “Issues” tab.

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